In Yachting program we manufacture products to partner Seaway Group (www.seaway.si). We have adapted to the specific requirements of the customer and enable interoperability of products and their resistance depending on use and weather.

Our Yachting production program consists of:

  • seat cushion groups for sleeping and sitting,
  • carpets,
  • curtains,
  • mattings,
  • cushions for the deck.

All products are made of high quality materials in various colour combinations. Materials are resistant to wear and beautiful to adapt to the basic seat or cushion.

Seat cushion groups for sleeping and seating, carpets, curtains, bedspreads, cushions for the deck and the like, are functionally and aesthetically designed so that subscribers are very satisfied with them. They are made from materials that offer functionality and comfort, comfortable stay and are aesthetic and pleasing for appearance.

Agreement on quality and execution time are crucial in collaboration and performance on major projects.

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